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To the best of my knowledge , which is limited on the subject pocket option trading of reincarnation, this might be the only life I have. I've decided to spend the bulk of this one as an artist 'cause next time I might come back as a newt. It would be hard to hold a pen as a newt. If I do come back as a human I'm gonna be a dancer... at least get on "Dancing With The Stars".

This site contains some of my artwork that was done in recent years. To fully appreciate the detail of my art I suggest you buy some, or you could go to one of my gallery exhibits I guess pocket option .

Well, I am recovering from my second heart attack. The first was ten years ago. I decided to have this one just after the new year--Happy New Year everyone! You know, this might be a good time to invest in an original Sleadd drawing. Prices (and value of course) often go up when the artist kicks the bucket pocket option philippines!

Remedies for Vertigo (right)
digital collage (pen & ink drawings and photographs) This is the cover for Walter Bargen's book of the same title .

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